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Web Roundup: Amazing Animated Shorts, Dumbest Weaknesses in Comics, and the Best Alternate Costumes in Comics

Click above for the Best Alternate Costumes in Comics.

As we’re rapidly learning with the DC Relaunch, a new costume design on a character can either be incredibly awesome or completely horrific. Thankfully, the folks over at UGO have comprised a list of some of the best alternate costume designs to hit comic book characters over the year. Check it out.

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15 Amazing Animated Short Films – via Macho Arts

The 7 Dumbest Weaknesses in Comic Book History – via Dorklyst

Pokemon Easter Eggs – via Flickr

So we could have antigravity in a few months. – via Dvice

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My 10 Favorite Comic Covers of All-Time (So Far)

June 30, 2011 2 comments

You know what we’ve been missing? Lists. Everyone loves lists, and it’s one of the reasons this blog got started; Shackleford used my multiple personal lists as an example of content. So you know what, let’s do some lists. First up, my 10 Favorite Comic Book Covers of All Time. I keep a folder with literally dozens of covers I particularly enjoy the look of and use them as a screensaver, and it’s quite the daunting collection. It was hard to pick just ten from that collection, but I’ve pulled it off. Check out the list after the jump.

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Awesomesauce: Behind the Scenes of Tron Legacy’s Visual Effects

Huh. Today I find myself extremely lucky, for the internet has dropped a page into my lap that is both entertaining and informative. Josh Nimoy is a visual artist who specializes in “software art,” which essentially is generating realistic visual effects pertaining to software and user interfaces. What this means is any time someone in a movie is working on a computer, usually something technical, a software artist is behind the effects you see on their screen. Hollywood has a penchant for being abysmally unrealistic in these computer representations, which is why it’s such a relief to see someone like Josh working in the field. From what I read, he really knows his stuff and makes sure to use effects that are both visually captivating but also grounded in real processes.

The feature that roped me in has to do with his work on Tron Legacy, where he generated a number of effects such as Encom’s display board, Ed Dillinger’s console at the company, as well as effects inside the universe such as the fireworks, scoreboards, identity disc displays, etc. If you have any interest in how visual effects are created at all, his article about his work on Tron Legacy is definitely worth checking out.

Tron Legacy at

Oh the Irony: Chris Hansen Caught Cheating on Hidden Camera

The Huffington Post is reporting that Chris Hansen, the extremely-popular star of Dateline NBC’s To Catch A Predator, has been caught on a hidden camera cheating on his wife. For those unfamiliar with the show, it involves him essentially participating in sting operations against potential pedophiles and cornering them when they arrive. While I don’t condone cheating in any way at least he isn’t statutorily raping little kids, though the irony remains palpable.

No word on if anyone asked him to “have a seat right over there” when he was caught.

Via The Huffington Post

She’ll Make the Kessel Run in Style and Comfort

I don’t care how much it costs.

I don’t care if only ten exist.

I want this goddamn Millennium Falcon beanbag couch thingy.

Web Roundup: Victorian Batman, Cars 2 Too Violent For G Rating? and the 13 Greatest Hits of The Goon

Click above for the 13 Greatest Hits of The Goon.

Without a doubt, Eric Powell’s The Goon is one of the best series in comics today. Everything about it just works, from the humor, to the tone, to the gorgeous artwork, and the emotional undertones, which has cemented it as one of my top ten books of all times. That being said, I was obviously extremely happy to see that the good folks over at Comics Alliance have compiled a list of the 13 best moments from The Goon, and I agree with their choices wholeheartedly. Head over there now to check out the list.

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Was Cars 2 Too Violent for a G-Rating? – via Screened

The 10 Funniest Commercials of All Time – via Pajiba

10 Movies Famous People Don’t Want You to See – via Cracked

Victorian-themed Batman and Superman – via Ten Cent Ticker

The Best Fictional Mass Murderers in Cinema – via Unreality

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WTF Wednesday: The Top 50 WTF Moments in Comics

June 29, 2011 15 comments

Click above for the Top 50 WTF Moments in Comics.

The internet is a wonderful place, filled with good, evil, and sometimes the infinitely strange. Welcome to WTF Wednesday, where we’ll illuminate you to some internet gems guaranteed to make you say “wtf, man.”

Our entry today comes from the good folks over at UGO, where they have a list of the Top 50 WTF Moments in Comics. It’s definitely a nice read, so check it out!

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