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Fanservice: Green Lantern Edition

Welcome to the first edition of Fanservice, where we here at Nerdeux flex our geek muscles and try to find as many Easter Eggs in select films as we possibly can. For those unaware with the concept, an Easter Egg is a little hidden shout-out to the fans, or nods to previous works by a director, or just generally little hidden tidbits for those well-versed in film. These frequently appear in comic book adaptations, which have rich canons to pull from, and the recently released Green Lantern is no exception. Hit the jump to see our comprehensive list, and be warned, massive spoilers follow!

What’s interesting about the majority of the Easter Eggs hidden in Green Lantern is that many of them could actually be signs of things to come, and fuel speculation on the future of the DC Comics film universe due to their importance.

  1. First off we have the inclusion of Dr. Amanda Waller, played by Angela Bassett. To those un-initiated in the canon of the DC universe, Dr. Waller may appear to just be a throwaway role; your average scientist, as it were. Those in the know, however, can draw far greater conclusions from her inclusion. Given that the name of the facility she’s working for is government-funded, but not government-controlled, and never named, it is highly likely that we just got our first glimpse of Checkmate. Why does this matter at all? Checkmate is essentially the DC universe’s version of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Dr. Waller is their Nick Fury. This could mean that DC is looking to take a more Marvel-esque approach to their films, using Checkmate to interweave the stories. Seeing as how both Man of Steel and the next Batman after The Dark Knight Rises are being touted as reinventions of the characters, it is HIGHLY likely that Green Lantern may be acting as DC’s answer to Iron Man. This is pure speculation, of course, but it’s something to look forward to should it be true.
  2. More blatantly, we have all the nods to the Sinestro Corps and Yellow Lanterns. The yellow energy does make an appearance, and a ring bearing a very familiar insignia is formed and presented to Sinestro IN the film. Be sure to stay after the credits and you’ll even get a shot of the transformation. This sets up the sequel nicely for a good old fashioned Sinestro Corps War adaptation: an all out Lantern brawl. It is also possible, however, that the full Sinestro Corps may not appear, and it could be Hal vs. Sinestro ala First Flight.
  3. Also blatantly evident to the fans, but not to the general public, are the nods to Carol Ferris becoming the Star Sapphire. From her callsign in the film, “Sapphire” to the star insignia on her helmet, it was a nice little detail to toss in for fans.
  4. The sheer amount of Lanterns depicted in the film is staggering, yet disappointing as there is little to no interaction with them. I cannot even begin to point them all out, but I did notice Bzzd, Salaak, Boodika, Stel, and Laira. Drop a comment with any others you may have noticed!
  5. The death of Parallax was also a nice little nod to Final Night/Zero Hour. As fans of the comic know, Parallax was originally created as Hal Jordan’s alter ego when he went crazy and killed, um, everyone (the fear entity was written in later in the Rebirth arc by Geoff Johns). Hal eventually finds redemption by sacrificing himself as Parallax to reignite the sun. Guess how Parallax dies in the film.
  6. I’ve heard rumblings of Wonder Woman’s jet appearing in the film, but I didn’t see anything. However, I’m not all that familiar with its appearance, so I could have missed it.
  7. Not in the actual film, but left on the cutting room floor were some cool Easter Eggs featuring an appearance by Clark Kent as well as Mogo and Ch’p.

Were there any eggs we missed? Drop us a line in the comments!

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