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Awesomesauce: Cars 2 Projectionist Cards

Apologies for the "meh" quality. Took these on my camera phone at work because I haven't owned a decent scanner in ages.

Hey look, our first content generated entirely by ourselves instead of something cool we noticed on the internet and decided to pass along! A little backstory first. I’m a projectionist by trade, which is not nearly as exciting as it sounds. The pay is meh but once you’ve been trained enough it’s pretty easy and leaves a lot of time to do homework and stuff; it’s a great job for a college student like myself. The job involves threading up movies as well as building up new ones that come in, and sometimes we’re pretty to some pretty cool swag. However, the studio that always blows everyone else away in projectionist appreciation is Pixar. Hit the jump for the full story and photos!

Most of the swag we receive up here is usually just posters, and occasionally we’ll take an old trailer or two home. On rare, rare occasions the studios will send shirts specifically for the projectionists as a thank-you, but these are usually sent to the theater managers, who pretty much just take them without reading who they’re for. It happens, what are you gonna do. But Pixar takes things to a whole new level.

To avoid the pesky issue of management forgetting to pass along or straight-up claiming projectionist swag, Pixar includes a swag pack in the actual prints that head straight upstairs, bypassing that whole mess. And trust me, it’s a pack. It usually entails a letter of thanks, and occasionally a shirt or hat, but what always appears, without fail, are a pack of trading cards with projectionist facts and tips on the back (project at certain light levels, etc). Ordinarily these are just stills from the movie, which are cool and all, but for Cars 2 they’ve really done a nice job. The cards feature very nicely-done vintage-esque posters for each of the locations featured in the film, and I thought it’d be fun to use my break time at work to throw them up since I enjoyed looking through them. Again, apologies for the quality since they were taken  off my phone, I’ll bug Shackleford to take nice photos of them later or something. Enjoy!

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