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Awesomesauce: Behind the Scenes of Tron Legacy’s Visual Effects

Huh. Today I find myself extremely lucky, for the internet has dropped a page into my lap that is both entertaining and informative. Josh Nimoy is a visual artist who specializes in “software art,” which essentially is generating realistic visual effects pertaining to software and user interfaces. What this means is any time someone in a movie is working on a computer, usually something technical, a software artist is behind the effects you see on their screen. Hollywood has a penchant for being abysmally unrealistic in these computer representations, which is why it’s such a relief to see someone like Josh working in the field. From what I read, he really knows his stuff and makes sure to use effects that are both visually captivating but also grounded in real processes.

The feature that roped me in has to do with his work on Tron Legacy, where he generated a number of effects such as Encom’s display board, Ed Dillinger’s console at the company, as well as effects inside the universe such as the fireworks, scoreboards, identity disc displays, etc. If you have any interest in how visual effects are created at all, his article about his work on Tron Legacy is definitely worth checking out.

Tron Legacy at

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