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Comic-Con 2011: DO NOT Miss the Legendary Pictures Panel

So we got a tidbit of Comic-Con news that could be utterly earth-shattering. As we all know by now, Warner Bros. will not be doing a large Hall H panel at Comic-Con 2011, which crushed the hopes and dreams of any fanboy hoping to get a surprise first look at The Dark Knight Rises or Man of Steel. Well, I can tell you that a spark of hope may yet remain. Hit the jump for the details.

Although Warner Bros. is not going to be there, a company of equal importance IS making their first appearance. Legendary Pictures has announced that they will be attending Comic-Con to show off Pacific Rim, Guillermo Del Toro’s latest, as well as Seventh Son, Paradise Lost, and…

…the Mass Effect movie. While all of those are incredibly awesome and a big surprise, it’s what could potentially be there due to this new panel that has us excited. First, a bit of back-story on the way studios work. We often hear that a film is coming to us from Warner Bros., or Paramount, etc. They get top billing on the poster and opening credits, because they’re the ones who choose to distribute the films theatrically and often times finance their production as well. But the films themselves are created through production companies, who usually appear second on those opening credits, and are then given to the distributors to put out. So while Warner Bros., the distributor of Dark Knight Rises and Man of Steel won’t be there…

…Legendary Pictures, the studios that’s actually DEVELOPING the films, will be. This means that although they haven’t been announced on the schedule, there IS the possible chance we could get some surprise looks from Dark Knight Rises and Man of Steel at the panel. That news, combined with the already announced features in attendance, means this will probably be THE panel to go to. If that’s the case, get in the Hall H line early. I’ll see you there.

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