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First Possible ‘Man of Steel’ Synopsis?

One of the most anticipated and most-talked about comic book movies on the horizon is Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. Not much is known about the project other than its cast roster and that General Zod will be the villain. However Production Weekly, a entertainment industry publication, has what could potentially be the first synopsis of the upcoming film. Although this is just rumor, it could be spoilery so hit the jump to read more.

Well first, the synopsis itself:

Clark Kent is a freelance reporter in his early 20’s, traveling all around the world covering various news stories.  However, Kent is forced to fly back into action to attain a fleeing assassin instead of covering an ethnic conflict between the Ghuri and Turaaba clans in West Africa.  Upon his return to form, Kent returns to Smallville to learn more about his origins and become the hero he was born to be.

This sounds EXACTLY like one of my all-time favorite Superman books: Superman: Birthright. The 12-part story is essentially a modern retelling of his origin and his later adventures, and this synopsis sounds exactly like one of the first parts of the book. If it is true, and Man of Steel does indeed follow the plotline of Birthright, I am officially no longer worried. Doing so would promise strong character development, a ton of action, and a new take on the average Superman story. I just hope if they do, they keep the book’s ending as it is truly one of the more touching endings in comics.

News from via io9


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