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Dead End Thrills Does ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’

I absolutely love the work of Dead End Thrills (especially their Crysis collection), so I was supremely excited to hear that they’ve taken their talents to the world of Grand Theft Auto IV. For those unaware, Dead End Thrills is a site that takes screenshots to a whole new level. Using top of the line graphics technology and a number of mods, they apply rules and attributes of photography to their screenshots, transforming them into utter works of art. I’d love to get into something like this, but sadly I haven’t the desktop powerful enough to get such results. I’ve attached some of my favorite shots after the jump, head over to Dead End Thrills to see the rest of the new GTA IV collection.

As always, click to enlarge.

  1. September 30, 2014 at 2:30 PM

     ¿Serias Tan Amable De exponerme onde exactamente has observado
    tanta indicacion productivo? Resulta ni mas ni menos
    que Esplendido!

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