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Web Roundup: Biggest Flops of the Summer, Don Cheadle as Captain Planet, and the Ultimate Hypocrisy of George Lucas

Click above to read the ultimate evidence that Lucas has truly lost his mind.

Oh, the sweet ironic hypocrisy. So George Lucas, ever infamous for editing his movies long after release usually to the chagrin of fans, apparently spoke in front of Congress in 1988 against–wait for it–altering films after they’ve been released. Head over to Slashfilm for the juicy bits.

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10 Biggest Flops of the Summer – via Film Drunk

Don Cheadle as Captain Planet – via Warming Glow

9 Disappointing Sequels That Took Forever – via Screen Junkies

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Stunning New Promo Art Features The Avengers in Battle Mode

August 31, 2011 1 comment

Well hello new desktop wallpaper!

Marvel has released some more new promo art for The Avengers, featuring them in the midst of battle. It’s so awesome, I almost want to cry. There’s also a sweet new piece of Loki art to boot! Hit the jump to see them in their full-sized glory!

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Dear Sweet Neptune, Look At the Ever-Stunning Olivia Wilde in This “Young Hollywood” Photo

I guess this is an old shot for Vanity Fair about up and coming stars in Hollywood, but you don’t care about that right now. At least you shouldn’t. All you should care about is Olivia Wilde’s dress and how she needs to be wearing something like that every day. Yow. Za.

Via Unreality

Fringe’s John Noble Takes on Ape Supersoldiers, Flying Nazis and Zombies, Oh My!

August 31, 2011 Leave a comment

Who better to host a show about bizarre experiments and science gone too far than Walter Bishop (or Denethor, for you LOTR fans) himself? The new series he’ll be narrating, Dark Matters: Twisted But True, explores the not so ethical and often blurred lines of scientific research. Using state of the art CGI reenactments, viewers will get a glimpse of these controversial moments in history. More details and a preview after the jump!

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The Glorious Return of Kevin Butler

I don’t care if you’re a fanboy for Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Apple, anyone, you have to admit Kevin Butler is a wonderful spokesman and his ads for Sony are fantastic. We haven’t seen much of Butler on the airwaves lately due in no small part to the infamous Sony hacking scandal that took place earlier this year, but now he’s back in action and bringing some awesome commercials our way once more. Check out his return above.

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WTF Wednesday: Zipper Haircuts

August 31, 2011 1 comment

I don’t…how…but it’s just…

Mark this date on the calendar as the day that something has rendered me speechless. Someone needs to explain to me WTF the point of this is? Other than looking like a complete moron, that is. I mean, how is that even on there, did they super glue it for Christ’s sake? I think this may actually be more stupid than last week’s WTF item, the Thuggie. That’s an accomplishment.

Via Viral WTF

The DC Relaunch For Dummies (It’s Kind of a Big Deal)

Once more, happy DC Relaunch day! I saw this video over at GeekDraw and absolutely loved it, it’s a nice tongue-in-cheek way of poking fun at all the people freaking out over the Relaunch. I found it amusing, check it out above.

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