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Nintendo Takes a Very Quick Look Back at The Legend of Zelda.

Nintendo is celebrating 25 years of Zelda with a myriad of mediocre content (save for that nifty flash intro). Latest of that content is a brief history of Nintendo’s most beloved of Zelda games. Honestly I’ve been really disappointed in the “celebration” of one of the best video games in history. Sure that fancy orchestra is neat, but with the cheap seats sold out, you’re spending at least $100 a person. Other than that there’s some wallpapers and a high-res image of famous Zelda characters. That’s it. No gold cartridges, no timeline reveals, nothing I would say worthy of the Hero of Time. Hit the jump for more of the story.

The History itself is pretty half-assed. We get a picture of link for each of 16 games. Clicking each brings up a small window with a picture of the game’s case and console, a screenshot, and a brief description of the game that looks like it was ripped off of Wikipedia. I really expected more from the site when I clicked it. Nintendo could have made some highlight reels for each game, maybe hire an Englishman with a deep, soothing voice to narrate the storyline of each game. Hell just about anything would be better than what we’re getting. I know Nintendo is hurting, but it wouldn’t kill them to put a little more effort into their second-favorite son (or third if you count Luigi, which I don’t).

Oh and the worst part? They left out a major game from the franchise. You know what I’m talking about.

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