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Spoilerific: Even More New Set Videos From ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

You know, I’m starting to get sick of all the set photos and videos coming out of Christopher Nolan’s Batman finale The Dark Knight Rises. It seems like we’re going to see the entire movie before it’s even fully shot. I understand people’s excitement for it, and the fact that we live in an age where a seemingly important aspect of life is how popular you are on the internet, but at some point I think people as fans need to just stop and say “okay, we have Bane fighting Batman, we have photos, we have videos, we have tons of stuff” and just be done. Let a little surprise and magic remain.

That being said, we have two new videos taken by extras shooting a few scenes from the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises. I don’t know much about what’s in them because, well, I just plain want to keep some surprise in the equation for myself. However I understand that a lot of people really do want to see these things, so I’ve decided to post them anyway. Due to their obviously spoiler-y nature, I’ve placed them after the jump. Hit it if you wish.

I’m not entirely sure what’s in these videos, as I don’t want things too spoiled for me as well, but it takes place during a football game. Though we supposedly hear Bane’s voice I’m being told that Tom Hardy and Christopher Nolan both said the mask is hard to speak through, and they’ll be re-recording Bane’s lines in post. Check out the videos below.

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