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Now It’s Getting Ridiculous: Marvel Teasing the Human Torch’s Return?

Let me preface this by saying that with the exception of the images provided, which came from Marvel, that the rest of this post is theorizing and I pray I’m wrong. If I’m correct, then the comic industry has just gotten utterly ridiculous when it comes to the hero death/resurrection cycle.

Yesterday Marvel debuted a second teaser illustrated by Gabriele Dell’Otto for its new title to launch in November, which is currently called just Four, featuring the Future Foundation fighting an unseen foe. Let’s take a look at that teaser after the jump, and get down to what this could actually mean.

Alright first, let’s talk about what this could be mean. The first clue was the previous teaser image for the series, which featured the old Fantastic Four logo. For those unaware, the Fantastic Four abandoned that title after the death of the Human Torch, replacing him with Spider-Man and renaming themselves the Future Foundation back in March of this year. Given these two hints, it seems highly likely that this Four series launching in November could indeed be a new Fantastic Four series titled Four. It could also be a hint that Marvel is taking advantage of this year being the 50th anniversary of the Fantastic Four and bringing back the original series to publish Fantastic Four #600, a milestone the series never saw due to being replaced by Future Foundation.

The important thing about them bringing back the Fantastic Four is that it would seem to herald the return of the Human Torch, as the team has stated that that name will never be used again unless they’re all together. Let me remind  you, the Human Torch died in March of this year. Five months. He was dead five months, and now it seems Marvel is bringing him back. Is it just me, or is death completely meaningless now in comics?

I remember when deaths were a huge thing, and heroes stayed dead for ten years at a time. Back then they meant something, and these days it would seem they only exist to provide a quick way to sell a book. Human Torch has been dead five months. Batman was dead, oh, ONE ISSUE before revealing “nah man, he got sent back in time. But remember when we totally ended Final Crisis #5 with Superman holding his destroyed corpse and made ‘The Death of Batman’ this huge, widely publicized event that even Time magazine picked up on? Yeah we sold a ton of issues. Clones, man. They make anything possible.”

We’ll see what happens come this November, but it seems to me the industry has completely given up on even hiding that death is meaningless in the industry. But hey, that teaser image is SWEET, huh?

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