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Art from a Galaxy Far Far Away

If you can tear yourself away from the computer, Playstation or whatever current obsession may take up your precious waking hours, you will want to venture out to Hold Up Art in downtown Los Angeles very soon. They will be hosting an exhibit featuring the works of Randy Martinez & Denise Vasquez. If you don’t know who these amazing artists are, you are seriously missing out! Details and more info after the jump…

via Hold Up Art:

Randy Martinez’s work depicting Lucasfilms’ Star Wars characters launched him to the forefront of the genre, and can be seen in Star Wars Insider, Scholastic Books, Topps Trading Cards, and the Star Wars Celebrations II-V (Europe and Japan). In addition to his work on Star Wars, Randy is one of today’s premiere sketch card artists. He is a fixture for Topps Trading Cards. He began drawing for them in 2004 and garnered numerous accolades on titles such as Lord of the RingsHeroesTerminator, and Marvel Comics. Recently, Randy added the credit of author to his resume. He has published two titles with Impact Books, “Creature Features: Learn to Draw Monsters and Aliens” and “Sketch Card Mania.”

Denise Vasquez is an artist working in many mediums: actress, illustrator, author, custom toy designer and award-winning singer/songwriter/guitarist. Denise currently creates custom vinyl toys for Bean Pot Toiz, and has worked with other companies, like DKE Toys, Topps, Breygent Marketing, Sadlittles, 5Finity Productions and others. Denise’s vinyl dolls have been collected by Stan Lee (he owns a Stan Lee doll created by Denise, which is featured in Morgan Spurlock’s “Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope”), and are featured on Conan O’Brien’s “COCO MoCa: Museum of Conan Art.”

The exhibit will run from August 20th – September 15th.  For more info, visit their website or call (213) 221-4585.  In the meantime, I highly recommend checking out the artist’s websites where you can see their amazing skills and show some love by picking up some prints.

Randy Martinez –  He has Boba Fett jamming on a Flying-V.  Enough said.

Denise Vasquez – Anyone who contributes to CoCo MoCa is full of win in my book.

  1. August 16, 2011 at 12:08 AM

    SWEET! Thank you & hope to see you there!

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