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Tweets We Love: The #hashtag Follies of @GailSimone

Welcome to a new weekly feature we’re trying out here at Nerdeux: Tweets We Love, where we take some of our favorite tweets of the week and share them with all you. To kick this off, I’ve selected a group of tweets from writer Gail Simone that have been bringing me untold amounts of joy lately. Not content with being one of the best comic writers in the industry (seriously, if you haven’t read her run of Secret Six or Birds of Prey, open a new tab and go get them, NOW. And pre-order Batgirl #1 and Fury of Firestorm #1 while you’re at it). Gail is also quickly becoming one of the most entertaining people to follow on Twitter. Pretty frequently these days she prompts what I’ve been referring to as hashtag follies: come up with a hashtag, find funny ways to tie into it. I’ve got a selection of the best from Gail herself after the jump, as well as other particularly witty users getting in on it.

First up, we have #sensitiveMarvel:


…and lastly, #DamnGotTheLineWrong:

That’s all for this week, be sure to tune next Friday to catch this new feature at it’s regular day and time! But first, a little preview for next week to celebrate the new feature:

Oh yes. You don’t want to miss Volume 2 of Tweets We Love!

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