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Chocobos, Airships, and More Finally Coming to ‘FINAL FANTASY XIV Online’

One difference between FINAL FANTASY XI and FINAL FANTASY XIV that has always stood out to me is how dedicated the development team of the latter is to keeping in touch with players and keeping us abreast of any new developments. Ever since the XIV devs were ousted and replaced by the team from XI fantastic changes have come to the realm of Eorzea, transforming a game that essentially launched in beta into a rather enjoyable experience. One of the best parts of this whole scenario is that the development team has been listening to player suggestions and requests, often implementing them. Part of this communication involves the frequent release of “Letters From the Producer,” where players are treated to a sort of preview of coming attractions by the game’s producer. Today the sixteenth letter was released, bringing with it a slew of details about what players can expect in the upcoming Patch 1.19. Hit the jump for more.

One of the major complaints to come out of the game’s launch was the lack of chocobos. The only options players had to get around the realm was the anima teleportation system and running. Well it would seem the chocobos are about to arrive in Eorzea, and in a big way. According to the updates in the letter it’s not only planned to provide players with a way to rent chocobos at each city, but also to implement the popular chocobo raising system we saw in FINAL FANTASY XI.

Another surprising addition listed in the letter is that airships will finally make their return; I didn’t expect to receive those until the patch after this or so. It’s definitely a welcome addition, and should make traveling across the massive realms a lot easier. It’s rather impressive how far the title has come since the FINAL FANTASY XI development team took over, and I honestly think it could be headed for one of the best comebacks in MMORPG history. When the title is deemed complete and satisfactory by the new development team it will be launching on the Playstation 3, meaning it will have to be re-reviewed. It’ll be interesting to see if the grades change, and by how much.

That isn’t all coming in Patch 1.19, which is literally the biggest patch I have ever seen in the title’s history. New battle content, new quests, new raids, and more. One interesting addition is the abolition of the Physical Level system, which allows players to level essentially their core character along with their various jobs, allocating skill points to fit their style. It was a feature I sort of enjoyed and am slightly sad to see go, but the upcoming ability to distribute points for specific things to each class could be interesting.

Head on over to The Lodestone for the complete letter, which lists an insane amount of upcoming changes that I didn’t even touch on here.

Lastly, we sort of touched on the ongoing Firefall Faire event but didn’t go in-depth about it. I’ve done it over the weekend, and I must say it’s one of the most well-crafted events the team has ever put together. The way it’s set up allows for both low ranking casual players and hardcore completionists alike to get enjoyment out of, and I can also say it’s a LOT of fun if you do it in a big group as a linkshell event or something. Just for fun, here’s a shot of the crew and I messing around after getting most of the swimsuits:

As always, click to enlarge.

I just felt like sharing, especially because FINAL FANTASY XIV is starting to provide the same feeling as XI did when I was into that. It’s a sign of how far the title has come, how enjoyable it has become, and I’m rather excited to see what the future holds.

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