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Spoilerific: Set Photos and Video From ‘The Avengers’ Hint At the Film’s Villain

With all the leaks coming from Dark Knight Rises and Man of Steel these days, it’s easy to overlook that Marvel’s upcoming Avengers is filming as well. Well clearly someone hasn’t forgotten, as we’ve got a number of photos coming out of the shooting that show Chris Evans as Captain America filming a fight scene. What’s interesting about the shots, however, are what else is in the shots…hit the jump for more.

First off, we have these shots that showcase Capt’s new Avengers attire quite nicely:

Now here’s where things get interesting. Up until now myself, and a lot of others, were convinced that Loki would be the main villain in The Avengers based on early leaks and the end credits scene of Thor. Now, Loki could still be a major antagonist in the plot, as his appearance is confirmed via the Avengers teaser trailer at the end of Captain America. These next shots, however, hint at something bigger:

So we have what looks like a very alien weapon and a stuntman as Capt fighting a man in a motion capture suit. This leads me to believe that the crew may be fighting villains that are going to be fully CGI, as in not human. Now seeing as how there’s only one guy in a suit around, there’s a chance that maybe Capt’s fighting Iron Man in that shot. I’m not entirely sure how they shot him in motion during Iron Man and Iron Man 2. However a popular theory about this shot, that would fit into a script leak rumor a few months back, is that the villain will be alien. This would explain the weapon, and the mo-cap suit. I know what we’re all thinking: the Skrulls. Perhaps Loki uses the cosmic cube to call the Skrulls to Earth? It would fit in with the Yggdrasil mythology and the shown abilities of the cube. With it all fitting nicely into the established mythology, it seems likely. We won’t know for sure, however, until we see an official trailer.

Finally, here’s some video of the above scene being shot:

The Avengers assemble on May 4th, 2012

Photos and video courtesy of Coming Soon

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