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Geek Treats: The Justice League of Alcohol

Welcome to the first edition of a brand new weekly feature here on Nerdeux: Geek Treats! Tune in every Thursday for delicious food and drink recipes with a geeky twists. This week we’re going to give you a list of cocktail recipes, each one representing a Justice League member, that’ll surely make your next nerd event a rousing success! Before we get started with the recipes I’d just like to throw a big shout out to our own Nikki Weaver for personally mixing and consuming most of these drinks to make sure they taste nice, getting absolutely smashed in the name of nerd-dom. Give her a hand, folks. Hit the jump for the recipes.

First off, let us state that should you decide to whip any of these up please drink responsibly. I’m not saying that because I have to, but because it’s just good advice. Don’t drink and drive, that crap hurts enough people. Now, we also know alcohol isn’t for everyone. For those at your event that may not be able to or do not wish to drink, we give you our first recipe: the Batman.


What you’ll need:
– Ginger ale

The vigilante playboy’s drink of choice! As we all know, Bruce Wayne doesn’t drink due to his desire to keep his senses honed at all times. So, when he has to live it up as a billionaire playboy he simply substitutes this drink in. Pour the ginger ale into a champagne glass, go socialize, and pretend to be progressively drunker and drunker the more you have!


What you’ll need:
– Vodka
– Tequila
– Rum
– Gin
– Blue Curacao liqueur
– Sweet and sour mix
– Cranberry liqueur
– 7-Up
– A lemon
– A cherry

Pour a one part of each item except the 7-Up, but use two parts of the sweet and sour mix, into a chilled glass filled with ice cubes. Pour two parts 7-Up over the whole thing. Add a floater of the cranberry liqueur and garnish with a lemon wedge and a cherry. One of these, and you’ll believe a man can fly.


What you’ll need:
– Vodka
– Grenadine
– Rockstar energy drink
– A lemon

Grab a martini glass and mix in one part of the vodka of your choice, one part grenadine (be careful when adding, it can stain like no tomorrow), and a shot of Rockstar. Put the lemon in the freezer beforehand to make it easier to work with, slice into a lightning bolt, and affix to the side of the glass. Flash Fact: mixing alcohol and energy drinks can impair the early signs of intoxication, so be careful. Allow some time for the effects to hit in between these, or you could be very messed up very quickly.


What you’ll need:
– Vanilla rum
– 7-Up
– Midori melon

Grab a glass of your choice. Mix in 2 parts vanilla rum, 1 part Midori melon, and 7-up to taste. If you have them, add in a green glowing ice cube for that extra Lantern Corps effect!


What you’ll need:
– Raw sugar
– Mint leaves
– A lime
– An orange
– Orange juice
– Coconut rum
– Soda water

Dice up the lime and half of the mint leaves, mix in the bottom of the glass. Top with some raw sugar. Fill with ice and pour coconut rum, orange juice, and soda water in equal parts. Add the other half of mint leaves and stir. Garnish with an orange slice.


What you’ll need:
– Three-O Berry Vodka
– Cranberry juice
– Grenadine
– Blue Curacao
– A lemon

Mix three parts berry vodka, one part cranberry juice, and a shot of grenadine in a shaker and add to the glass of your choosing. Pour Blue Curacao down the side so it settles on the bottom and garnish with a lasso-cut bit of lemon peel.


What you’ll need:

– Midori melon
– Whiskey sour mix
– 7-Up
– A cherry

Mix one part Midori, one part whiskey sour mix, and two parts 7-Up in a glass of your choice. Add a cherry to garnish.

Yes we’re aware most of these are already actual drinks. That’s what makes them easy for you to do at home, and now you have a new way to think about them. Loosen up a little, it’s supposed to be fun. Some drink photos were by us, some were found via Google image search. Just clearing that up; even Nikki is human and can’t make and consume seven different hard liqueur drinks in a night. But bless her, she tried.

Tune in next week for a new edition of Geek Treats, where we’ll show you how to make Kryptonite rock candy!

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    • August 18, 2011 at 12:52 PM

      They’re delicious. For an added bit of fun, host a party where people have to wear the t-shirt of the hero whose drink they want!

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