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More Information On the Upcoming Addition of Chocobo Travel to ‘Final Fantasy XIV’

Though it may be a very, very niche audience I’m still going to be posting updates on big news from FINAL FANTASY XIV. Why? Because I enjoy it a lot now that it’s been almost completely fix, and I know there are others out there that do as well. As we stated in an earlier post, the upcoming Patch 1.19 is going to finally be bringing chocobos and airships to the realm of Eorzea as a form of transportation. Well on the official forums a bit more information about the system has surfaced in the forum of a post by the development team. Hit the jump to check it out.

Click to enlarge.

Well now, that sounds absolutely perfect to me. One of the issues I had with personal chocobos in FINAL FANTASY XI was that you had a limit of how many times you could call them, and when you ran out you had to drop a ton of gil to recharge your whistle; it really didn’t make sense that you didn’t have full access to your own chocobo. I’m glad they’re planning to add gear in patch 1.20 to, I assume, customize your bird. For all we know, they could just as easily be referring to gear that increases your riding speed.

I do like that monsters can attack your chocobo. It never really made sense that they’d just leave you alone as you run through their camp, and it’s not a big issue because you’ll probably be able to outrun anything that comes after you. This begs the question, however: will we eventually be able to fight on chocoback? Who knows, but we’ll keep you updated as it develops!

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