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Portal 2’s “Summer” DLC on the Way, and it’s Free!

Vavle finally announced their summer Potal 2 DLC, and in true Valve fashion, it’s coming in September, which they boldly claim to still be summer. The great news? The DLC will be totally free to everyone. That’s right, the one batch of DLC I was already commited to putting my money down on is refusing to take it, because that’s what the worlds best developers do. read more after the jump

In related news, Gabe Newell reinforces the fact that Valve is probably the greatest place to ever work. He talks about why they began developing for Sony, and why Dota 2 will be a thing. Here’s my favorite quote from Gabe’s conversation with Develop.

“The most important thing is to come into work and see a team of people all bleary-eyed because they love what they do. That was how Dota 2 came about – people were super interested in working on the game and so they got together and started making it.”

Things like that are why Valve games are consistently better than most of the competition out there. This isn’t a publisher looking to cram a software onto the shelves for a quick buck. These are guys willing to spend the time it takes to make art, making it amazing, and putting it out when it’s goddamn ready.

Go ahead and follow this link for the full interview, it’s a wonderful read, and be sure to check out the Dota 2 tournament streaming throughout Gamescom here.

Via Kotaku and Destructoid

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