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WTF Wednesday: The Thuggie

I just…I think…no, I know some suburban white kid is going to wear one of these in the hood and get his arse shot. You know what, serves him right now that I think about it. This is what we’ve come to as human beings. The new generation, the hipster kids of the world, are going to buy the hell out of this thing to be ironic and make it a success. The Thuggie no doubt came about because of the Snuggie’s success due to “ironic” buys. If that trend remains true, just what the hell is coming from this thing’s success?!

I need to go dig out my apocalypse chest and prepare my defenses against Armageddon now.

Via Buzzfeed. I’m not going to bother putting a link to where you can buy one of these monstrosities, because if you’re reading us you’re obviously intelligent enough to not want anything to do with such things.

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