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Geek Treats: Kryptonite Rock Candy

Welcome back to another edition of Geek Treats here on Nerdeux, where we show you how to prepare deliciously dorky treats from all over the web! This week’s feature comes to us courtesy of BrittLiv on Instructables, who not only figured out how to make kryptonite shaped rock candy; he also figured out how to make it glow. Thanks again to BrittLiv for providing the photos in this segment, there are far more in-progress shots on his tutorial. Hit the jump to get started!

First off, our list of supplies! You’ll need the following:

  • Granulated sugar! (250 grams!)
  • Vitamin B2 pills! (One pill should be plenty)
  • Green food coloring! (Unless you plan on making other kryptonite colors)
  • Mint oil! (For taste!)
  • Aluminum foil or powdered sugar! (To use as a mold!)
  • A pot! (For heating said ingredients! Fancy!)
  • Optional: quartz crystals! (To shape the molds!)
  • Optional: candy thermometer! (To tell you when it’s ready!)

Once you’ve assembled the above necessities, you are now ready to kill yourself a Superman (and possibly destroy your kitchen in the process)!

First, you need to make yourself a mold. Now, there are two ways of doing this. If you have the quartz crystals and don’t mind the effort, pour the powdered sugar into a deep dish and flatten the top with a spoon or something. Then press the quartz crystals into the powdered sugar vertically to make the mold. Remove the crystal, and voila you have a hole to pour the mixture in.

If you don’t have the crystals, get creative and fold a mold out of aluminum foil. You can do this if you have the quartz as well; just wrap the foil around it and remove. I find this to be the faster, cheaper method.

Now that we have our molds, we can begin to create our kryptonian-killing concoction! To create the actual elixir:

  1. Mix the vitamin B2 pill and 150ml of water together.
  2. Add the 250g of sugar and slowly heat the mixture, stirring until boiling.
  3. Once the mixture has reached 300°F, add the food coloring and mint oil. If you don’t have a candy thermometer, Britt recommends scooping some up and letting it drop into cold water. If it hardens to a glass-like texture immediately, then it’s ready.
  4. Pour into the forms immediately after adding the food coloring and mint oil, when it’s a nice green hue.
  5. Sit the sugar-filled molds down somewhere they won’t be disturbed and let them harden and voila! You have yourself some candy that’ll kill off a Superman!

Tasty, tasty instruments o’ alien death right there.

That’s it for Geek Treats this week, tune in next week when we bring you more geek-inspired recipes from across the web! This week’s recipe was once again brought to you thanks to BrittLiv on Instructables, so be sure to check out his site!

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