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The 5 Most Epic Fight Scenes in Sci-Fi Cinema

It’s a slow news day here at Nerdeux, so I thought I’d compile a list of what I consider to be the most epic fight scenes in sci-fi cinema. This of course excludes superhero movies, action movies, etc. We’re going pure sci-fi. Hit the jump for the list!

#5: River Tam vs the Reavers – Serenity

It’s pretty much a universal truth that Joss Whedon knows how to shoot a damn fine fight scene. It feels like the whole movie was building to this point, where River stops being a helpless child that her brother always has to watch over and becomes a full-on whirlwind of death. Watching her dance around all those Reavers and clearing the whole room is simply phenomenal.

#4: The Hallway Fight – Inception

I think what I love most about this fight is that it didn’t use wire-fu or martial arts, which so many sci-fi films automatically default to. Instead director Christopher Nolan decided to go with just full-on brawling, which is far more realistic. Combine that with the gravity effects due to the rolling van and the whole scene plays out brilliantly, creating one of the first fight scenes since The Matrix that’s memorably unique.

#3: Deckard vs Roy Batty – Blade Runner

What’s delightful about this scene is how creepy it is. There may not be too many actual fisticuffs, but that’s why this scene is so memorable: it’s a fight between wills. Roy Batty is dying, and he intends to take Deckard down with him. So he psychologically stalks and torments Deckard throughout the apartment, and occasionally breaking a few of his bones. Its creepy and disturbing execution is what makes this fight stick in your head for quite some time. Also, it’s one of the rare fight scenes where the hero, well, loses. If Roy Batty hadn’t finally shut down, he would have killed Deckard.

#2: Neo vs Smith – The Matrix Revolutions

Yes, The Matrix Revolutions sucked pretty hard overall. Say what you will about the inane plot and overuse of Jesus imagery, but this final battle between the two titans was absolutely epic to watch. Is a fight in the streets in the rain cliche? Absolutely, but I don’t care. You get the vibe that everything rides on this one fight, and that makes it even better to watch.

You know what I think when I watch this? This is EXACTLY the sort of fight I want to see between Superman and Zod in Man of Steel. You give me two Kryptonians battling it out like this in the streets of Metropolis, and consider a ticket sold.

#1: Luke vs Vader – Return of the Jedi

Oh come on, like anything else could top this list? This final fight in Jedi is what the entire series had been building towards. The embodiments of good and evil, father and son, dueling it out for the fate of the entire galaxy. Throw in an epic score and a brilliant way to end it, and you have yourself one epic finale.

Disagree with the list? Anything you think I should have considered! Discuss it in the comments!

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