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Castle Crashers Shows its Love for Breasts in an All New Title Update

For its Third Birthday, The Behemoth has launched a brand new title update for the ever-popular Castle Crashers. With it, they are also making the fabled Pink Knight a reality with free DLC. Not only can the Pink Knight be yours for free, but for the first 50,000 downloads, The Behemoth will donate $1 to the Keep a Breast Foundation, as all things pink are ought to do nowadays. Hit the jump to learn about both packs.

Pinkie may be a free update, but he comes packed with 4 new weapons; a stalk of broccoli, a blue fish with an electric modifier, a pair of scissors, and a black mace. His basic weapon is the NewGounds lollipop, which was introduced for the King Pack. He is quite the ladies man, sporting lipstick marks all over his helmet and armor. He seems like a pretty happy crasher with his permanent happy eyes. As for magic attacks, you can see his rainbow splash attack above which is powered by giving the peace sign. His single attack is an exploding gummy bear, which presumably expands to more gummy bears as you level up his magic.

Shown: The Pink Knight's five new weapons and the exploding bear. No word on the significance of the penguin. Click the image for the official XBLA page.

Now of course The Behemoth wouldn’t just stick us with the painfully cute Pink Knight. For 160 MS points, players can also recruit the game’s Blacksmith to fight for you. Donning an Antler’d helmet and wielding his trusty hammer, the Blacksmith is the antithesis of the Pink Knight. His magical splash attack summons forth the Frogalope (The game’s weapon storage) to tongue-lash enemies into oblivion. Leveling up his magic skill allows him to throw a flaming hammer for a powerful single attack. While I’ve only upgraded his magic to the first level, presumably adding more points will send out more hammers and make the frog’s tongue larger.

Purchasing the Blacksmith adds four new weapons to the arsenal. A twinsword that resembles bulls horns, A Fork stabbed into meatball and wrapped in spaghetti, a cattle prod (with lightning modifier), and of course, the smiths hammer. The spaghetti fork has a symbol I haven’t seen before, resembling a green blob. This seems to add a change to poison enemies with regular attacks, so I’m guessing the meatball has spoiled.

The Blacksmith, Weapons, and Frogalope. Click for XBLA page.

Also of note is the fact that the armory was expanded for the new weapons, but has several blank spots which could easily fit 5 or 6 more. Hopefully this won’t be the last update for the game, as I would love to play as the Painter. You can read the patch notes as well over at The Behemoth’s DevBlog.

[Thanks Kotaku and Ripten]

I downloaded both the Pink Knight and Blacksmith Packs today and reached level 3 with each character. The Behemoth did not provide any content that wasn’t already free, although I’m sure they would have if asked politely.

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