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The Rogues Gallery: Abe Sapien

Welcome to The Rogues Gallery, where we feature some of our favorite official and fan art of a different character every week. To keep things fair, we’ll be alternating the focus of each gallery. One week will be DC, the next Marvel, the next Dark Horse, followed by a specific cult film property, followed by a TV show, then repeat. This week is Dark Horse week so we’re bringing you everyone’s favorite aquatic paranormal investigator, the one and only Abe Sapien. Hit the jump for the gallery!

Click to enlarge.

“Abe Sapien” by Jeff Drylewicz

“B.P.R.D. Abe” by Mike Mignola

“Abe Sapien: The Abyssal Plane #1” by Peter Snejbjerg

“Abe” by Nuno Plati

“Abe Sapien” by Dave Johnson

“Abe Sapien” by Marvin Mariano

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