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Geek Shopping Network: 5 Goodies to Pick Up Today

Welcome to the Geek Shopping Network, where every Tuesday we’ll give you heads up on any nerd-related new releases, sales, or just plain cool stuff we find. All the details after the jump.

There’s a lot of great stuff hitting the shelves today, but here are my personal recommendations on what to pick up when out and about this week:



In books, we have the latest from Charlaine Harris – The Sookie Stackhouse Companion, which will give readers a more in-depth look at Bon Temps and several other familiar stomping grounds of our True Blood heroine. Also included are ‘must-have’ Bon Temps recipes and a trivia section to test how well you retained 12 book’s worth of information!





Over in the TV department fans of the CW Network get a double dose of fun with the release of the twisty-turny, OMG-filled second season of The Vampire Diaries as well as the first season of fellow multi-award winner Nikita. Spend the extra $15 for the Blu-ray of V.D., you want Ian Somerhalder in HD, trust me.





On DVD today is the SyFy channel’s live-action game adaption Red Faction: Origins. While there is some great sci-fi talent attached (Robert Patrick, Brain J. Smith and Gareth David-Lloyd), reviews are split about whether this adaptation is appeasing or appalling to fans of the game. That aside, it is above-average quality for a SyFy channel original movie.





For video games there’s of course the biggie Madden NFL 12 out today, but my attention is focused on the PC side of gaming with the release of The Sims Medieval Pirates and Nobles. This first expansion pack will allow you to go on quests – complete with treasure maps and shovels, and has some cool new signature items like pet falcons and parrots! I can’t wait to pick this up!



Also, don’t forget today is the day you can download the Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection, which includes all 3 original MK games, on the U.S. Playstation Network. It will be available for Worldwide PSN, Xbox Live and PC tomorrow, 8/31. Check out the trailer below!

Ahh, the bloody carnage-filled memories. You never forget your first flawless victory!

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