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20 Geektastic Wedding Cakes That Make Getting Married Seem Much More Fun

There are some amazing cake makers out there who can make just about any couple’s dreams come true with one-of-a-kind wedding day creations. Here are 20 of my favorites, in no particular order… Enjoy after the jump!

I know I said “in no particular order”, but these first three are my faves.

IT HAS STATLER AND WALDORF. I would take a cake with just them holding up a sign behind the bride & groom that says “This is a very moving moment.” “Yeah; I wish they’d move it to Pittsburgh!”

I could just see Bender now…”Bite my sugary frosted ass!”

If I ever were to tie the knot, I would LOVE to do so on Halloween and you bet this masterpiece from CharmCity Cakes would be the one I’d want!

In brightest day, in blackest night, I take thee to be my wife? LOL

I want to believe…that this X-Files cake is as delicious as it looks!

This zombie cake puts gives new meaning to “Til death do us part”.

Or perhaps, in this case, parts.

This Dark Knight Joker-themed creation from City Cakes is seriously awesome.

Aww. This cake says you can take on anything life throws you if you work together. Even a 112.5 foot marshmallow-y physical manifestation of a demonic deity.

Now, personally, I would have preferred an Aragorn/Arwen theme myself, especially since I don’t think Gollum is gonna give up that ring…

This is adorable, but seems like it’d be rough on your teeth!

Click below to see 10 more awesome creations on page 2…


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