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First Images and Voice Cast for ‘Justice League: Doom’

One of the big announcements at the Batman: Year One premiere at the San Diego Comic-Con this year was Warner Home Video’s upcoming adaptation of Mark Waid and Howard Porter’s Justice League: Tower of Babel. Yesterday, the first few official images from the adaptation as well as it’s voice cast were released. Hit the jump to check it all out.

From TV Guide:

Here comes the Justice League! An all-star cast has been assembled to provide voices for the iconic team of superheroes in Justice League: Doom, the latest animated DVD-movie in Warner Home Video’s series of DC Comics adaptations. Castle star Nathan Fillion will reprise the role of Green Lantern, which he first played in Green Lantern: Emerald Knights. He’ll be joined by Tim Daly and Kevin Conroy, the longtime voices for Superman and Batman, respectively. Rounding out the cast are several of Conroy’s old costars from Cartoon Network’s 2001-06 Justice League series (known as Justice League Unlimited in later seasons): Smallville‘s Michael Rosenbaum as the Flash, Alias alum Carl Lumbly as Martian Manhunter and veteran voice actress Susan Eisenberg as Wonder Woman. Cyborg, a character not seen on Justice League, joins the group for this movie and will be played by Bumper Robinson (The Game).

The movie, due to be released in early 2012 on DVD, Blu-ray, digital download and on-demand, is based on the popular DC storyline JLA: Tower of Babel, written by Mark Waid. The plot: Batman’s secret contingency plans to defeat his own teammates (should any of them go rogue) are stolen and put into action by a group of super villains.

Once again running the show behind the scenes is executive producer Bruce Timm, the man responsible for dozens of beloved animated superhero projects, including the original Justice League. Lauren Montgomery, a veteran of several animated movies in this series, including the upcoming Batman: Year One, is the director. The script was written by acclaimed animation/comic book writer Dwayne McDuffie, who passed away earlier this year.

A trailer for Justice League: Doom will premiere at New York Comic Con on Friday, Oct. 14, and is featured on the Batman: Year One DVD, which goes on sale Tuesday, Oct. 18.


That’s one hell of a cast. It’s often overlooked by many, but I find Warner Home Video’s use of the classic DC Animated Universe voice talents a nice little addition to any of these releases. Keeps it all cohesive, as it were.

Now, I know, that image from TV Guide is pretty tiny. Well fear not, as we have two new high-res screens courtesy of Warner Home Video:

Click to enlarge.

As stated above, you can see the first trailer for Justice League: Doom at the New York Comic-Con on Friday, October 14th and on the Blu-ray/DVD release of Batman: Year One on October 18th.

Via Comics Alliance

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