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First Look: ‘Batman: Noel’

With all the hype over the New 52, it’s fairly easy to overlook and miss the release of some DC titles not belonging to the Relaunch that look absolutely phenomenal. One such title is Lee Bermejo’s Batman: Noel, a twist on Charles Dickens’ classic starring everyone’s favorite Dark Knight as he struggles to deal with his foes from the present, past, and future. Hit the jump for more details and a first look at some of the pages, which are stunning.

From The Source:

This holiday season, Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol gets the Gotham treatment. Inspired by the classic story, BATMAN: NOEL is an oversized, original graphic novel that offers a brand new twist on the tale of Scrooge and the ghosts who haunt him.

In BATMAN: NOEL, The Dark Knight must come to terms with the rogue gallery of his past, present and future. And as much as Batman is the focal point, the other star here is the book’s writer and artist: Lee Bermejo. You may know him from THE NEW YORK TIMES bestselling graphic novel, JOKER, or his Superman story in WEDNESDAY COMICS, which was serialized in USA TODAY.

Look for BATMAN: NOEL in stores on November 2nd.

I absolutely loved Joker and I’m a sucker for holiday specials and twists on classic literature so I’m definitely picking this up when it releases in November. Need more convincing? Get a look at these glorious pages:

Click to enlarge.

Absolutely beautiful work.

Batman: Noel releases on November 2nd, 2011 and can even be pre-ordered now on Amazon for 39% off!


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