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WTF Wednesday: The Rare Spiked Mullet

Ladies and gentlemen occasionally there comes along a hair statement so bold, so balls-out daring that you can’t help but gaze upon it in awe before, in some cases, bursting into violent fits of laughter. Today here on WTF Wednesday we’ve been gifted with the ability to show you one of these legendary statements, and have done so after the jump. My friends, I give you the spiked mullet.

Gaze upon its glory:

Beautiful, is it not? Take in the whole package as well. The tye-dye shirt, vaguely-present smile, double chin, and trophy that appears to be for some sort of rocket science competi—wait a minute, what?

Y…You mean to tell me this kid, who seems to be all kinds of redneck rolled into one, earned a 1st place trophy in what seems to be a rocket competition? Huh. I guess I’ve now truly seen everything.

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