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Um, What’s a “Dark Vador”? Marketing Fail!


With the upcoming release of The Phantom Menace in 3D, of course it’s time for companies to bust out promotional goodies for the geek in all of us. This is all good and well – I mean, who doesn’t still have their exploding Death Star toy from Taco Bell, right? What boggles the mind is how the marketing folks at Belgian fast-food chain Quick managed to screw up the frickin’ Lord of the Sith’s name. Have none of them seen any of them movies?!

Even more amusing is the footnote on the bottom left that reads ‘Dark = puissance obscure’ or ‘dark power’. They really had to explain that? Again I have to ask has no one in Belgium seen these films?! The Force is not strong with these folks apparently.

The ad asks you to “choose your side of the force”, but I’m not sure I would choose either of these. I have to admit the black bun is pretty awesome looking, but what in the Hell is on that Jedi burger? At first I thought maybe they crammed some french fries in there, but now I’m leaning more towards a cheese-like substance… What do you think it is? Sound off below!

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