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WTF Wednesday: The Beardo

You can blame Canada for this week’s WTF item. Just when you thought beanie-wearing hipsters couldn’t get any lamer, here comes The Beardo. It’s a beanie with a hideable knitted beard inside to warm your face. Yes, you read that correctly. To read more about getting the faux Galifianakis look, hit the jump…

The Beardo was marketed for skiers, snowboarders, et al. who want to keep their faces nice and toasty while braving the elements. Now, I thought that’s what the purpose of the aptly named “ski mask” was, but apparently those aren’t super stylish like this…*cough*. Just imagine the possibilities if you combined The Beardo with our previous WTF item The Thuggie! You’d have to beat the ladies off, I’m sure.

Unless you’re going as part of The Hangover gang for Halloween, or you’re that guy who thinks he’s the hilariously funny one in the group, I can’t see any reason to wear this out in public. However if you still feel like you or someone you know has to have this item, check out their website for ordering info. Fear not, gingers and Vikings, it comes in multiple colors and styles!

Watch and wonder.

  1. February 2, 2012 at 6:39 PM

    I don’t really know whether to laugh or cry so I think I’ll do both.

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