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Some More Details Emerge For ‘FINAL FANTASY XIV’ Patch 1.22

FINAL FANTASY XIV might have had quite the beleaguered and checkered past with a disastrous launch that resulted in the firing of half the development team, but with every single patch the game has been getting better and better. It’s actually quite a blast to play now and it’s a shame that a lot of people haven’t been covering it since launch, and just dismissing it. Well, we’re going to cover it, because it’s earned itself some attention thanks to the magnificent progress made since the launch. I just hope when Version 2.0 rolls out along with the PS3 launch this October, it gets reviewed fairly with the second chance it deserves.

Anyway a few details have started to emerge for the next big patch, Patch 1.22. First up? The Armoires. Hit the jump for more info.

From the Official Forums at the Lodestone:

Patch 1.22 will introduce armoires—storage cabinets that can be used to store untradable gear and other similar items. Armoires will be placed in the inns rooms of each city-state, and players will be able to store and reclaim their prized possessions at their leisure. The following kinds of items will be made storable:

  • Job-exclusive gear
  • Seasonal event gear
  • Achievement reward gear
  • Bonus items (Garlond goggles, onion helm, Asuran armguards, Hermes’ shoes)
    * There are certain exceptions.

While armoires will be free to use, the following conditions apply:

  • Item condition must be 100%
  • Only one of a particular item can be stored.
  • Storing an item resets its spiritbond.

Armoires are shared across all three city-states; items stored at one location can be reclaimed at another.

To be honest I’m sort of, well, nonchalant about this part of the patch. With the ability to have two retainers at one time I really haven’t had the need to store armor in another location. The only benefit I can see is that the items can be stored and retrieved from all three cities; at the moment you’d have to summon your retainer in different cities. As any player will tell you, that’s not a great thing as Ul’dah is essentially the world market of Eorzea and the majority of players want to keep their retainers in the Ul’dah Market Wards. So I guess this is helpful if there’s anyone out there that has two just stuffed retainers.

It’s important to note that this is only one aspect of the patch (it’s sad I’d have to say this, but you know there are people out there that will scream “this is the worst patch in existence!” because they don’t realize that), we’ll get more details as we get closer to the release for it. We’ll bring more details as they come.

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