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Cosplay Confessions: Alli White aka Skirtz

Well what do you know, it’s a new feature! Convention season is upon us, and it inevitably brings drones of cosplayers along with it. They’re a staple of pretty much any convention, whether their costume is tragic and sad or absolutely spectacular. Another staple of these conventions is the amount of interviews that end up being given by the spectacularly costumed attendees, and to be honest…they can be really boring after a while. Everyone asks the same “how did you create this?” or “where did you come up with the idea” questions. I personally feel that’s going about it the wrong way: these are convention attendees, people! You know what people have thebeststories? Convention attendees.

So I was determined to set out and give a different kind of interview to cosplayers out there, something that was fun for everyone. Give them a chance to talk about their best convention memories, not telling how they made the costume for the fourteenth time. Since I wasn’t going to be at a convention until SDCC this July, I needed to start somewhere else. Luckily Alli White, artist of the Disney Dressphere Project we featured a bit ago and fantastic cosplayer in her own right, was more than happy to oblige. Hit the jump to read the interview and check out some photos!

Click to enlarge.

Brandon: So, thanks again for helping kick off the feature!
Alli: Ha! Of course! I prefer stories over process any day XD

Let’s get started. First, have you ever pulled any pranks at conventions in costume, and if not what would your dream cosplay prank be?
“I’m not sure if this would fall under prank or not- but I want to have at least twenty or more dudes dressed up as Agent Smith, and one guy as Neo. Find the busiest room at a con. Set up a phone booth- have said agents scatter among the crowd. Then, send Neo walking through, dramatic trench-coat and all- then one by one, the Agents wander out, surround him- pile on him like in the movie- then- BAAAAM, dramatic upward punch and in unison all of the Agent cosplayers will throw themselves backwards, fall to the ground- Neo b-lines it for the booth, picks up the phone and sticks it to his ear- then, all of the Agents will be like “AW SHUCKS!” Snap their thumbs, and sulk back into the crowd. PEOPLE WOULD BE LIKE WTF.”

What is one costume you refuse to do under any circumstances?
“What costume would I REALLY not want to do? That’s tough, I’m always up for anything. I guess politically incorrect things that people would get upset about? You know, ‘Too Soon’ things? I got nothin.”

Have you ever thought a man/woman was attractive in costume but ugly without?
“I’m the kind of person who thinks everybody looks fine and I’m the fugly troll. So. I mean, people can look WAYYYY different in and out of costume, but I wouldn’t ever classify them as ugly.”

Is Halloween just another day of the year for the cosplay crowd?
At least, the way I see it, Halloween is when you can REALLY get away with closet cosplay and nobody will care. So, it’s like…awesome half-assed cosplay day for us when we’re not in the mood to go all out like for cons. Less stress at best.

Let’s hear your favorite convention story.
“Not much a of a specific story, but a con as a whole. PAX. Hands down. Everything was awesome. People were insanely kind, I was on several interview pod casts as well as MSNBC, and I must say that was quite the experience! I met so many wonderful people and still run into folks online who say ‘you’re the Peach from PAX!'”

What’s the creepiest or most awkward convention moment you’ve ever had?
“HA! It’s not appropriate but here it is anyway. Ok ok. So, Kumoricon 2010 (?), Portland OR- We had passed a porn theater when we got into town that weekend and saw it advertising hentai. Obviously, it seemed like the con goers had claimed that place for their porn induced nonsense. I can safely say, hentai at a con is like a comedy show- UHHHmazing good fun- HOWEVER…this wasn’t at the convention. Suspicions arose. As they say, when you assume, you make an ass out of you and me. How foolish we all were.

So nighttime rolls around, we hit the trail and walk into this musty ball barn and grab our tickets. Into the dark and ominous room we went- found seating in an awkward gazebo, and waited. There were eyes peeping out everywhere from ahead of us (mind you, all of us girls, and one guy) The rest of the audience consisted of middle aged men- denim clad and flannel, to boot. The creep vibe was stagnant, and I think my seat had Vaseline on it….nightmares. Anyway, so we ignore the eye rape and wait for the show to start- when it does we immediately go to work guffawing and laughing at the show, and sure enough, the guy at the front desk pops in and tells us we need to be quiet down or leave- SAY WHAT? Sorry sir, we’ll take this more seriously. My lord. Anyway. Midway through this award winning cartoon, one too many of the audiences folk were looking back at us. Then, suddenly, from the corner of my eye I saw a flesh colored blur and a quick draw hand- yes. I was being fapped at. Fiercely I might add. I swear this man didn’t blink once.

Immediately I burst out laughing and said to my friends “This guy is really going to town!” He did not flinch. Only fapped. So, the only male in our group hollered to him, “Hey, the screen is that way!” in which the masturbatory creeper huffed, “I can look wherever I want…!” So our friend replied with, “Well then how about I fap to you?” We finally darted out of there, anus’s unscathed and laughed the whole way back to the hotel. Scared for life? Yes. A story to share with my grandchildren? Oh absolutely.”

Have you ever played convention bingo, where you have a placard of con stereotypes and try to find them?
“Sure haven’t.”

Have you ever had a girlfriend/boyfriend insist you wear the costume when you’re intimate?
“HA! No, actually. I must be dating the wrong people.”

What is the funniest food you could think of for someone in costume to be eating?
“It’s always hysterical to walk past a bloodthirsty villain mowing down on some Taco Del Mar at a con. Oh, there’s Sephiroth. With a delicious looking burrito. Also, a few years back I ran into Edea at a Chinese food stand at the mall. You gettin’ the orange chicken girlfriend? Cool. Cool. I’ll tell Seifer you said hi.”

Finally, what is your dream “group cosplay” lineup? (Justice League, Avengers, Bat-family, etc, stuff of that nature)
“MY GOD, MAN. I have one too many dream groups. I suppose the one that is dancing on the tippy-top of my brain right at this moment is Hey Arnold. That would just..warm my soul.”

Well, thanks again for starting us off. I think “musty ball barn” is my new favorite phrase of the year. That whole story is classic.
“Hahahahahaha, oh man, glad to hear you liked it XD I wasn’t sure if it was too uncouth- but it really is the most memorable thing in con history.”

That’s it for this first edition of Cosplay Confessions. Thanks again to Alli White for being the first one up, be sure to head over to her deviantART gallery to see a ton of awesome art as well as more photos!

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