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The Rogues Gallery: Zatanna

Welcome to The Rogues Gallery, where we feature some of our favorite official and fan art of a different character every week. For the grand return of one of my favorite features, I thought it prudent to act selfishly and feature one of my all-time favorites: the Mistress of Magic herself, Zatanna! Hit the jump for the gallery!

Click to enlarge.

“Zatanna #16” by Adam Hughes

“Justice League Dark #2” by Ryan Sook

“Zatanna and Black Canary” by Peter Nguyen

“Zatanna” by Dustin Nguyen

“Detective Comics #844” by Dustin Nguyen

“Zatanna #10” by Stephane Roux

“Seven Soldiers: Zatanna #1” by Ryan Sook

“Zatanna #13” by Adam Hughes

That’s all for this week, tune in next week for another edition of The Rogues Gallery!

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