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I want Zelda: Echoes of the Future to exist so bad it hurts.

Artist Sean NG has a vision of a post apocalyptic Zelda game, one I can fully get behind. In it, Hyrule has been devastated by nuclear war. Radioactive ReDeads and cyborg Wizzrobes terrorize the overgrown ruins, and Gannondorf appears to be a corporate monster in addition to being a real one. 

Our hero weilds a rusted sword taped together and protects himself with a battered riot shield. He can be seen above in different environmental suits as opposed to different colored tunics. And I must say he looks rather dashing with the short ‘do.

"...concerning the direction of this project, I definitely wanted to avoid the usual “Everything is Brown, Everything is Gritty” look a lot of Fallout-alikes tend to give their settings. I tried to keep the colours vibrant, though not oversaturated, for the characters and creatures in particular. It would hardly be Zelda if the world wasn’t the brilliant, expansive and breathtaking place to explore that it is in most of the games."

Check out the gallery and definitely go to his tumblr for more amazing work.

via Reddit

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