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DC Comics to Bring ‘Iconic’ Character Out of the Closet

The New 52 has been bringing a lot of change to the DC Universe we knew and loved. Characters have had origins tweaked, costumes changed, and many reset back to the drawing board to begin anew from scratch. Now it looks like one of them is going to be gay. Hit the jump for the details.

From Comic Book Resources:

“One of the major iconic DC characters will reveal that he is gay in a storyline in June,” Courtney Simmons, DC Entertainment’s senior vice president of publicity, confirmed to ABC News following the weekend revelation by Co-Publisher Dan DiDio that the formerly heterosexual figure will become “one of our most prominent gay characters.”

Apparently we’ll have the reveal in June, but speculation has already begun on who it’ll be. I’m personally subscribing to the theories that it could in fact be Tim Drake, former Robin and currently leading the Teen Titans as Red Robin.

People could point to the fact that Tim has had prominent relationships with women, the most notable being Stephanie Brown, but I think that’s irrelevant at this point. Those stories were, after all, in the past and Miss Brown has been conspicuously absent from the New 52 so far. It could also be argued that DC wouldn’t choose Tim since there’s already a gay character in the Titans, but I don’t think that matters either; I’m sure plenty of fans would adore having Bunker and Tim get together. You could point to the sexual tension between Tim and Cassie in issue two of Teen Titans (think the “Great. I’m a good guy. Missed ‘annoying kid brother’ by that much.”) and feel that line shows Tim is interested in Cassie, but this isn’t explicit.

If it is in fact Tim, then I think it could actually work out extremely well provided DC handles the situation properly. In other words, don’t change a thing about Tim as a character. Don’t make his sexual preference his primary trait. We as fans love Tim Drake for his character, whether gay or straight. Tim is always focused on the mission first, the rest later. He cares about people. If they were to suddenly make Tim’s sexuality the most important trait about him, then he loses his emphasis as a strong character because it’d be far too likely he’d fall into stereotypes. I  am not really that worried about that happening because DC has done a wonderful job, in my opinion, of handling their as of now latest gay character, Bunker. Bunker’s sexuality is important to him and he embraces it, but he doesn’t let it dictate who he is as a character and doesn’t fall into stereotypes. He’s a person first, with his sexual preference being just one aspect of his diverse personality, rather than having everything about him as a character dictated by it. And really, that’s how it should be.

Or I could be completely wrong and it’s not Tim. I guess we’ll find out come June.

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