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Work in Progress: 1/100 Master Grade Exia Stark Custom “Iron Frame Mark II”


I never really used to show off my own stuff on here, but I figured since I’m planning to do a lot more Gundam work in 2014 I might as well share the works in progress. My first project this year will be a 1/100 scale Master Grade Exia kit customized for one particular genius billionaire playboy philanthropist. Hit the jump to read on and check out in-progress photos.

Modeling Gundam kits after superhero costumes has always been a sort of bucket list dream for me and I’ve decided to get it started this year, starting with the costume that will translate to mecha the easiest: Iron Man. The frame on the Exia already lends itself well to this design: it’s a sleek suit with plenty of frame showing as well as transparent sections in the head and chest to allow for LEDs:



Though the overall frame looks good, it’s still going to need a lot of changes. Therefore, I’ll be doing the following:

  • Changing up the paint scheme to gold, chrome and, of course, hot rod red.
  • Modifying the hands and feet to add flat thrusters with space for an LED.
  • Changing the green chest piece to a transparent blue (best I can do, unfortunately I can’t go full clear) with the rest changing to chrome.
  • Modifying the head piece to get a look closer to the Iron Man suit.
  • Designing and printing custom decals (such as the Stark Industries logo, SHIELD logo, etc).

I’m just about done with the painting now, which means it’s time for clear-coating and pre-assembly. In the meantime, here’s some work in progress photos, including my candied paint method. Enjoy~




Remember kids, always spray down a coat of gloss black before applying metallics!


Your metals will look much shinier with the black. When you’re spraying metallics to achieve a candied look for a color paint, leave the dusty look (don’t wipe off). It’ll add flecks under your clear color later that make it look phenomenal:



Hopefully, I’ll be done with this by the end of March.




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