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Rocksteady Announces ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ For Next-Gen Consoles


Oh Rocksteady, you guys know how to make an entrance. After it was announced that Batman: Arkham Origins would not be developed by Rocksteady Studios, many speculated that perhaps the company had left Bats behind them. But with no new announcements from the studio and little hints here and there, opinion started to change to the idea that Rocksteady had abstained from doing Origins in order to develop a far larger Arkham title for next-gen consoles. That rumor turned out to be spot-on this morning as a trailer and a slew of information about the new title, Arkham Knight, hit the web. Hit the jump to check out the trailer and read on.

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‘FINAL FANTASY XV’ Gets a New Trailer For Sony’s Japanese PS4 Launch

February 8, 2014 Leave a comment


It’s really a shame FINAL FANTASY XV had to be announced so early. I know it was technically announced extremely late, as it’s been in development for almost a decade as FINAL FANTASY Versus XIII, but when you make as large of a splash as the title did last year when there’s still so much time to go in development things are going to get rough. As a result, fans have been clamoring for any and all bits of new media or news to fuel their beliefs that we could get the game either late this year or next year and frankly, the news has been a little dry. But now, to celebrate the PS4’s launch in Japan, there is a new trailer out for FINAL FANTASY XV and it looks utterly splendid. Hit the jump to check it out.

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Check Out Arcanist and Summoner With New Art and Screens From ‘FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn’

September 1, 2012 23 comments

This has been a big week for FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn. First we had the presentation at Gamescom which showed off gameplay for the first time and now we’ve got a slew of new art and screens, and even a new trailer straight out of a PAX. Hit the jump for all the goodies.

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Square Enix Officially Announces ‘Lightning Returns: FINAL FANTASY XIII’

September 1, 2012 Leave a comment

This weekend marks not just the annual Penny Arcade Expo, but also the 25th anniversary of FINAL FANTASY, and Square isn’t taking that milestone lightly. Yesterday saw a big presentation from the developer, including the confirmation of a title everyone was expecting them to make: Lightning Returns: FINAL FANTASY XIII aka FFXIII-3. Hit the jump for all the details and some concept art.

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A Much Better Look at the Gameplay Footage From ‘FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn’

Earlier, if you recall, we posted a video of the gameplay shown at Gamescom 2012 for FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn. It was pretty awesome, albeit at an angle and off a cell phone camera. Well, now we have some nice HD footage of the entire panel, including that gameplay footage. And you know what? Looks even better. Hit the jump to check it out.

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A Slew of New Concept Art and Screenshots For ‘FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn’ Straight From Gamescom

With Gamescom currently going on, and prior hints that a lot of new content would be coming out of the event, we finally have some new concept art and screenshots for FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn from Square. Hit the jump to check it out!

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Square-Enix Takes Next-Gen to a Whole New Level With Their ‘FINAL FANTASY’ Tech Demo, ‘Agni’s Philosophy’

One of the biggest things to come out of E3 this week wasn’t even a game at all: it can easily be argued that Square-Enix’s new engine, the Luminous Engine, absolutely stole the show. After the jump we have the four minute demo reel, titled Agni’s Philosophy, which showcases the engine with (as they emphatically stated) real-time footage. It was not a pre-rendered CGI movie, it was in real-time, meaning future titles from Square-Enix could very well look like this; and I hope they do, because it is spectacular. Hit the jump to check it out.

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