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Geek Shopping Network: Must-Have Glow In The Dark Tron Shirt, Game of Thrones: Genesis, Transformers 3 and More!

September 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Welcome to the Geek Shopping Network, where every Tuesday we’ll give you heads up on any nerd-related new releases, sales, or just plain cool stuff we find. All the details after the jump.

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Tweets We Love: The Murderous Musings of GLaDOS v2.0

Welcome back to Tweets We Love, where we take some of our favorite tweets of the week and share them with all you. This week we’re featuring everyone’s favorite little neurotoxin-spewing, insult-hurling artificial intelligence, GLaDOS! Many of us were sad to complete Portal 2, unaware of when we would again be able to get more GLaDOS in our lives. Luckily, to fill the gap, it would seem she decided to open a Twitter account! Check out some of our favorite quotes after the jump, and head over to the GLaDOS feed to read them all!

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Awesomesauce: ‘Portal 2’ Proposal Wrecks the Curve For Men Everywhere

Well, way to go Gary Hudston. You’ve officially created a geeky proposal that no other man on earth could ever hope to top. Mr. Hudston, in order to propose to his girlfriend Stephanie, commissioned three custom Portal 2 levels. But that isn’t what absolutely ruins it for the rest of us men out there: Hudston actually got Ellen Mclain, the voice of GLaDOS herself, to record new dialog for the levels. Including the proposal itself. What you’re about to watch above is quite possibly one of the most dedicated, heartwarming, and once-in-a-lifetime proposals ever captured on video. Way to go, Gary. How the hell are we supposed to top this?

All kidding aside I can’t imagine Stephanie saying “no” to this, so congratulations Gary!

Portal 2’s “Summer” DLC on the Way, and it’s Free!

August 20, 2011 Leave a comment

Vavle finally announced their summer Potal 2 DLC, and in true Valve fashion, it’s coming in September, which they boldly claim to still be summer. The great news? The DLC will be totally free to everyone. That’s right, the one batch of DLC I was already commited to putting my money down on is refusing to take it, because that’s what the worlds best developers do. read more after the jump

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Yet Another Awesome ‘Portal 2’ Music Video

This latest Portal 2 music video comes to us courtesy of YouTube user Khaff 3, who states “this is my own way to make my thanks to the creators of Portal 2 for making such a WONDERFUL videogame! ♥” Done in hand-drawn animation, it’s a joy to watch and I sincerely hope Valve has seen it. Check it out above.

Via Kotaku

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One Fantastic Fan-Made ‘Portal 2’ Music Video

This awesome music video for ‘Want You Gone’ from the ending of Portal 2 comes to us courtesy of tigerboyPT on YouTube, and man he did a fantastic job with it. Check it out above, be beware as it is extremely spoiler-heavy.

Video by tigerboyPT via Kotaku

Portal 2: Songs to Test By Volume II is Up!

For those unaware, Valve has been doing something fairly awesome and releasing the Portal 2 soundtrack in three volumes…for free. Yes. Free. If that wasn’t enough, they’re providing free ringtones and chimes as well. The only downside is that they’re teasing us by releasing the volumes one at a time, and I dunno about you but I’m happy to wait in between releases. Earlier this weekend Volume II of the fantastic soundtrack went live for download, so head on over to the official site now to get it!