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‘Steampunk Batman’ Is the Coolest Piece of Fanart You’ll See All Day

I don’t know why I haven’t seen something like this before; it just seems too perfect. This rendition of the Caped Crusader in steampunk by artist Raymond Tan is simply striking, and deserves your attention. Hit the jump to see the full thing.

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Cosplay Confessions: Alli White aka Skirtz

Well what do you know, it’s a new feature! Convention season is upon us, and it inevitably brings drones of cosplayers along with it. They’re a staple of pretty much any convention, whether their costume is tragic and sad or absolutely spectacular. Another staple of these conventions is the amount of interviews that end up being given by the spectacularly costumed attendees, and to be honest…they can be really boring after a while. Everyone asks the same “how did you create this?” or “where did you come up with the idea” questions. I personally feel that’s going about it the wrong way: these are convention attendees, people! You know what people have thebeststories? Convention attendees.

So I was determined to set out and give a different kind of interview to cosplayers out there, something that was fun for everyone. Give them a chance to talk about their best convention memories, not telling how they made the costume for the fourteenth time. Since I wasn’t going to be at a convention until SDCC this July, I needed to start somewhere else. Luckily Alli White, artist of the Disney Dressphere Project we featured a bit ago and fantastic cosplayer in her own right, was more than happy to oblige. Hit the jump to read the interview and check out some photos!

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