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The Debut of the Full Costume For ‘The Flash’


After getting a small tease last month, the full costume Grant Gustin will be donning as Barry Allen in The Flash has debuted online. Hit the jump to see the initial tease and the full costume.

First off, here’s the tease again featuring a profile shot of the headpiece (click to enlarge):


And now, what you really came here for. The full costume (click to enlarge):


Not sure how to feel about it. I certainly like it, and it does a nice job making the traditional Flash suit into a modern superhero costume. It’s interesting that they mixed that waffle pattern you see everywhere along with what seems to be armor pieces, which could be a nod to the New 52 suit, but something seems off.

I think it’s the photo itself. They seemed to be trying for a classic “ready, set, go” Flash pose but got the posing just a bit off. The head looks rather large at this angle, as the lightning bolts look smaller. That might be it.

Either way, I’m reserving final judgment until I get to see it in costume. But it’s definitely looking like this could be another great DC show on the airwaves.

Source: EW Online

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