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DC Comics Announces ‘Justice League of America’

August 26, 2012 1 comment

At the Fan Expo Toronto today (Sunday, August 26th), DC Comics has announced another new title for 2013: Justice League of America. Hit the jump for all the details, including the full art of the team’s roster by series artist David Finch, some comments from series writer Geoff Johns, and what this could possibly mean for the future of the DC Universe.

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Greg Capullo’s Cover For ‘Batman #13’ is Possibly Creepier Than the Promo Art

That promo art that came out last Monday to announce the return of the Joker was creepy in it’s own right. This cover may be creepier. Words can’t really do justice to it, as Capullo seems to be firing on all cylinders right now, so I’ll just show you. Hit the jump to see the cover and read the solicit info!

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DC Comics Reveals New 52 Volume 2 Hardcovers and Trade Paperbacks For Spring 2013

June 20, 2012 17 comments

It’s taken a bit of time, but DC Comics has finally announced when the volume two hardcovers and trades for the New 52 will be going on sale: Spring 2013. Kind of ridiculous when you consider, looking at the list of collected issues, some of these titles will be wrapping up the arcs for volume two next month but oh well, that’s business. Hit the jump to see all of DC Comics’ collected editions for Spring 2013!

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DC Comics to Mark the One-Year Anniversary of the New 52 With ‘Zero Month’ and Four New Series

June 9, 2012 2 comments

It’s been rumored for a little while, but now it’s official. To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the New 52 this September DC Comics will be releasing a issue #0 for each of the new series, which will provide some origins and backgrounds on that character as well as (hopefully) answer a lot of unanswered questions. They’ll also be debuting four new series as well. Hit the jump for all the details and some sweet covers!

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DC Comics to Bring ‘Iconic’ Character Out of the Closet

The New 52 has been bringing a lot of change to the DC Universe we knew and loved. Characters have had origins tweaked, costumes changed, and many reset back to the drawing board to begin anew from scratch. Now it looks like one of them is going to be gay. Hit the jump for the details.

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DC Comics’ Solicits For July 2012 (and Their Awesome Covers)

It’s odd, but I love it when DC puts out solicits for their upcoming titles far in advance; usually because this is when the upcoming covers get debuted. That’s really the main reason for posting the solicits on here, I just want to show off some sick covers. One of the awesome revelations to come from this? As you can see in the preview above, Stanley “Artgerm” Lau is back on covers forBatgirl! I loved his Stephanie Brown covers, and his covers for Babs look stellar as well. Anyhoo, hit the jump to get a first look at everything coming from DC Comics in July!

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‘Batman’ to Receive Backup Stories Starting With Issue #8, Will Kick Off a Bat-Family Crossover

Well we finally have news about the first big crossover event in DC’s New 52, and I have to say it all sounds very exciting actually. As announced this morning on The Source, starting with issue #8, Batman will be receiving backup stories co-written by Scott Snyder and newcomer James Tynion IV with art by Rafael Albuquerque that will explore the history of the Court of Owls and lead up to the first crossover. Hit the jump for all the details.

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