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Australian ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Trailer Showcases Some New Footage

With the marketing campaign for The Dark Knight Rises kicking into high gear, it’s easy to forget that another big-screen superhero is returning this summer as well. The Amazing Spider-Man has been gearing up to promote hard, and today we have a new trailer from Australian cinemas that actually shows off some new footage. Hit the jump to check it out.

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Watch Dr. Conners Become the Lizard In This New ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Viral Clip

The Amazing Spider-Man is an interesting case. It looks extremely promising but I think a lot of the hype for it is severely downplayed due to being sandwiched between The Avengers, which continues to just crush at the box office, and the upcoming finale to Nolan’s Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises. Still, it’s definitely worth getting excited over and it’s viral games have been an absolute blast. Hit the jump to see the latest clip from the game, which showcases Dr. Conners and his transformation.

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So There’s an ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Toaster. And I Must Have It.

April 24, 2012 4 comments

This is even cooler than the Darth Vader toaster that came out a while back. This is a toaster that burns the Spider-Man emblem into your toast. That alone makes today phenomenal. Hit the jump for all the details!

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The Final Poster For ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’

Man, I loves me a good movie poster. I was kind of “meh” on the teaser poster for The Amazing Spider-Man, but the final version they’ve just released have led me to forgive the marketing department. It’s pretty, well, amazing (you know we’re back when the puns start up). Hit the jump to check it out in full!

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Yes, It Was Really That Bad: 145 Reasons ‘Spider-Man 3’ Sucked

September 27, 2011 1 comment

You know why The Amazing Spider-Man will be a resounding success when it releases next year? Because Spider-Man 3 sucked so, so, so impossibly hard that you could film a four-hundred pound geek in an ill fitting Spidey costume trying to awkwardly kiss Gwen Stacy and it would still be a better film. There must be specific reasons that the movie sucked, right? Some sort of exact moment in the film we could point to and say “that’s why it sucked.” Well, some guy with a much higher tolerance for crappy movies than I went ahead and found 145 reasons that Spider-Man 3 sucked. Check out the video after the jump.

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Spider-Man vs. Hurricane Irene

For those unaware Hurricane Irene is slamming the east coast right now, doing all the things a hurricane generally does. But our eastern readers can rest easy in their homes, because it would seem superheroes are more dedicated to the “through rain, sleet, or snow” philosophy than your average mail carrier. Spider-Man is out amongst you now, cheering up those stuck in the hurricane. I really don’t need to explain more, but I would just like to say that I’d like to meet this guy and commend him.

Want to See the ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Costume Super Close-Up? Here You Go

You know I’ve heard a few people complain about what we’ve seen of the new costume so far, but I dig it. I think it looks good, staying new while still familiar. Check out the full shot after the jump.

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